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Presentation of „PST GROUP” JSC

„PST GROUP” JSC has had its presence on the Bulgarian and international market since 1968. The company has over 40 years of history and is being a leader in the highway construction, new construction and rehabilitation of existing roads, construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of railways, rails and rail links; maintenance of water and sewage systems; construction and operation of plants and landfills; construction, building, reconstruction and repair of bridges and bridge equipment; maintenance and winter maintenance of the republican and municipal road network; urban communications; engineering and reconstruction of treatment plants for wastewater; construction of infrastructure and landscaping; high construction; manufacture and installation of traffic signs and traffic safety equipment; road construction equipment repairs; construction of processing plants; construction and maintenance of intelligent transportation systems in the populated areas and republican roads;  fabrication and installation of links and transition elements for production of asphalt mixtures; construction and  maintenance of traffic lights and any other means, providing the organization and safety of traffic; railway roads; production of all types of construction and inert materials and related products.