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Main sites

„PST GROUP” JSC actively participates in the construction of the following larger projects:
• Additional design and construction of site: Trakia Motorway (А-4) Orizovo Bourgas part Lot 4  „Yambol-Karnobat” by km 276+200 (matches with kilometer 277+597 of Lot3) to km  325+280;
• Design and Construction of the Maritsa Motorway (A1) from Orizovo to Kapitan Andreevo, Lot 2, “Dimitrovgrad – Harmanli” from km 36+400 to km 70+620”.
• Design and Construction of an access road to Kapitan Andreevo Border Crossing Point – 3,4 km Maritsa Motorway Section, Lot 3
• Integrated water project for the city of Sofia – I stage;
• Construction of a plant for separation and composting of municipal waste in the town of Montana, design and construction of a building;
•  Construction of a Separation Plant to a Regional landfill for municipal solid waste from Vratsa and Mezdra;
•  Construction of block 2. 1 at the Regional Landfill for municipal solid waste in the municipality of Vratsa;
• LOT 2: Reconstruction and electrification of the railway section Harmanli – Svilengrad (from km 266+000 in section Simeonovgrad-Harmanli to km 297+750 in section Svilengrad-border with Republic of Turkey)”, including the stations Harmanli and Svilengrad and all stations and stops between them, with an approximate track length of 34 km. and the rehabilitation and electrification of railway line Svilengrad – the border with Greece with an approximate length of 4 km.